All photos on this website are © Copyrighted.
The photographer, will own the intellectual property rights and copyright, of all works on this site, unless these rights have been assigned to someone else, by written arrangement of the photographer.
Prior arrangement must be made before use.
Copyright is a type of IP that protects original works of authorship. Importantly, copyright protects the expression of original ideas. Copyright will apply where the ideas have been materialised into a tangible or electronic form. 
Copyright gives exclusive rights to creators to manage how their content or creations can be:
used; reproduced; published; performed; communicated; distributed; or adapted.

In Australia, copyright automatically attaches to the material expression of creative or original works.
For example, when you take an image on your camera, it will be protected by copyright.

If you wish to use any of the works on this page for whatever reason please use the CONTACT page and send an email, with your contact details, and the intended use. In almost all cases, images can be used for education, publication and other things, as long as an email has been sent, received and replied to with basic use conditions. 
As a retired photographer, its always great to share the work and passion, not for profit.

Stay well and be safe.
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